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From Dr. Mahajan’s Warm and Fuzzy Book

Dr M

I would remiss to my father’s gentlemanly ways if I did not send you out a thank you.  After his very first visit with you years ago, he told me me that you seemed nice but he couldn’t understand a word you said.  I told him to check his hearing aids. There weren’t on!  I then repeated your jokes and one liners.  He was sold on you as his new doctor. He outlived the last one! Thank you for your knowledge and care of the elderly, you and your staff are superb!

In memory of our father Charles 98 years old.  The Parrett Family

David B

We are a second generation family to be treated by Dr Mahajan.  He is extraordinary, careful, and caring at the same time.  His staff is wonderful as well.  I give them the highest recommendation possible!

John and Carol

We are long time patients!  Dr Mahajan is smart and funny. The staff is great and we really appreciate everything Natalie does for us.

Dear Mr. M.,

          On behalf of Marion and our families, thank you for your treatment and understanding of Marion’s condition. Marion had much confidence in you and your judgment.


 Dear Dr. Mahajan:

          Thank you for your care and consideration during my hospital stay and office visits. Joe joins me in thanking you for your kindness.

Sincerely yours,



Thinking of you and the friendship that we have shared and wishing you a very happy day.

-John and Jerry and Sara

Instead of flowers – Just a token of our appreciation for all your help and caring.

-E and Lesila S.

Dear Mr. Mahajan,

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for the quality care you had provided for me all this couple of years. Have a nice trip and hope you come back soon.


 I am not in the habit of writing doctors thank you notes but I felt I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you




Deb and I are enjoying a 2 week Mediterranean cruise visiting Rome, and Lucca Italy, Monte- Carlo Corsica, Palma de Malllorca, Casablanca, and Lisbon, Portugal and Spain. Thanks for making me well!


-Debbie and Elaine

 Thanks for taking such care of me and help me get well.


Just a note to thank for your thoughtfulness. Hearing from you has been very important in a time of great grief and recovery.

February and March events here were simply awful. Bill and I had a debilitating virus for over 2 months, then I fell- broken pelvis, broken ribs, and a back injury; and then, a week after I got out of hospital rehab, Bill dead. The pain and sorrow have been so great that your kindness has been crucial in my recovery.

I am feeling better, walking a little more each day, and slowly moving through the loss of my beloved Bill Van Brunt.

My handwriting is a bit shakier than usual right now; thus this printed, but very sincere note to you, with my love and thanks.


I would like to give thanks to each and every one of you for the kind care and consideration you showed my husband Rush.

Thank you sincerely,


Dear Dr. Mahajan and staff,

Thank you very much for all the wonderful care that you have provided for my mom—Elaine. She has been recovering well over the past few months.


Dr. Mahajan.

Thank you for all you were able to do. You were very honest with us and that meant a lot for me and my family, again thank you for everything.


Dear Dr. Mahajan,

I wanted to write and thank you for getting me through the throat and ear infection I had recently. I rarely get sick enough to see a doctor. But if I do now, I will not hesitate to call for an appointment. I am usually very nervous having to see a doctor; however, your pleasant, kind personality changed that.

My throat is feeling much better and my ear is unclogging a little more each day. I don’t think it will be too much longer before it clears up totally.

Thank you again!

Have a wonderful day!



Dear Dr. Mahajan,

I am truly grateful for the compassion you showed to me. You comforted me at a time consolation was most needed. The skin on my feet is regenerating.

With heartfelt thankfulness and prayers,


Thank you for another year of good health! You and your ladies are doing a great job for us!!


With thanks and regards

– Helen

Dr. Mahajan

Thanks for everything. I want you and everyone there to have a great xmas.



It is wonderful to have a caring doctor like you taking care of us.

-Mont and Geraldine

Dear Dr. Mahajan, Molly, Jamie, and Stacey;

I am so appreciative for all the kindness and caring all of you have extended to me. You all are very compassionate. Thank you for being there when I needed help. Listening to me and for anticipating my needs and working me in when I didn’t have an appointment. Thank you for all the free medicine- what tremendous relief for me!

God bless you all and watch over you as you heal and strive to make people to enjoy life even more!

Love and prayers,


P.S. Thought the plants would look good in your planter outside.

Thank you for being so thoughtful and caring.

-Anla, and Miedred,

 I am very grateful for your help with my mother and of the wonderful care you have given her.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy new years. Thank you for everything.



Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



 Dr. Mahajan,

I want to let you know how much you mean to me and my family. Dr. your extra attention has made my life much better than expected.


Great job!

 Thank you doctor it was a great pleasure meeting you- thank you

-Mary and Louis

 Thank you very much for you beautiful calendar. I feel good and went to Acapuleo last year. If you come to Toronto, come to see us.

-Theresa and Paul

 Dear Dr. Mahajan and Staff-

Without consulting me, my company has changed insurance providers- this is to say thank you for professionalism, kindness, courtesy, and the caring I have felt when there. I will miss you.


 My dear Dr. Mahajan,

My sons and I want to thank you for all your care of Matthew. He really thought a great deal of you. Hospice did a magnificent job of caring for him with your input. I will ever be grateful for your understanding and concern in my estimation you have the qualities that are requites of a physician. I will see you soon for myself.

God keep you,

-Mrs. M.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your kindness, your warm and friendly hospitality. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of friendship just is being the simply caring person that you are.

-From Phoolmatie, to Doctor Mahajan.

Dear Ranjan,

Thank you once again for the kindness and compassion you gave to my wonderful father. He trusted you as his doctor and respected you as a friend. Good luck with your new practice and may God bless you.

Your “brother”


To Mr. and Mrs. Mahajan,

We appreciated you very much. Mrs. Mahajan was so sweet and kind with me on the phone one day. It helped me to stay calm and feel secure with Vance’s care. –Thank you

Vance wanted you both to know how much he appreciated having such caring doctors take care of him over at East Bay Nursing Facility. You both have made his last days so much easier.

Thank you for all your kindness, and caring to my husband Vance.

-Mrs. R.

Dear Dr. Majahan, (and staff)

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts and time to increase my health to its best. Unfortunately my transportation problems caused a series of cancellations.

I truly appreciate the great care you gave my family and I. your honesty, sense of humor and “listening” meant soo very much! Due to distance- I’ve changed doctors in my area. I wish all well.


Dear Dr. Mahajan,

I am writing to thank you for telling me to stop smoking and for giving me a prescription for ‘Zyban’. I didn’t follow your instructions to the letter but the drug obviously works well as I took it for a week and then stopped smoking. I did not up the pills to two a day but just took one for three more weeks. I found an almost immediate improvement in my vision which surprised me and am now turning to get fit. Anyway I am extremely grateful to you and hope that Zyban is working as well for your other patients.

Thank you,


Dear Dr. Mahajan;

My sincere thanks for your excellent medical help and advice while I have lived in Florida. I do hope, if I return to Florida next year, that you will take care of me again.

Many thanks!



Thank also to Mollie and your staff!

Dear Dr. Mahajan:

My most sincere thanks for the excellent care you gave to my sister, Mrs. Ann.

Your kindness, consideration, and expertise in treating her were most helpful to her and to me.

Your associates were also very dedicated and helpful at all times.

I am hopeful that my sister will continue to improve and that we may be able to come to Florida again next year.

We were so lucky to have you as her physician!!!!


 Thank you for all of your compassion, thoughtfulness, and understanding in our time of need. We appreciate your kindness.

Cynthia and Mary

Dear Dr. Mahajan

I want to thank you for your kindness with my mother. I feel like with your frankness and straight forwardness you gave her “permission” to pass on. This is what she needed most at this stage in her life.

My mom was always one to follow authority and no one so far had taken the time to let her know it was probably time to move on. Sometimes this kindest thing you can do for someone is to be truthful. I was with her when she died, and although I’m not expert it appeared to be the easiest transition there could be. I’m sure she was ready.

Thank you,


Dear Dr. Mahajan,

Thank you to the rapid and caring response from you and your staff last Tuesday. I very quickly went from misery to comfort. Not that this was the first time but I want to express my appreciation of the kind care I received at your hand and those of your staff.



Dear Dr. Mahajan,

Thank you for all your wonderful care of my mother Yeergina who passed away peacefully on 28th May 2010 at 94 years of age. You have been a kind and caring doctor and my mother respected you. Thank you very much

-Julan and family

Dear Dr. Mahajan and staff,

I’m writing to say “goodbye” and thanks for the many excellent years of medical service that you have given us. We have moved to a senior living facility in Tucson, Az.

We chose this particular place because it is newly constructed and has all the amenities Mike needs to help with him Parkinson’s, as well as a lovely dry climate.

We both shall miss your expert care and attention to our medical needs as well as your attentive staff. We wish you all the best personally and professionally.




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