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Community Education

Dr Mahajan does a weekly broadcast that is Live Streamed on Facebook and YouTube. You can find them here or on our pages. Look up Mahajan Medical Center and subscribe to our YouTube Channel or Like us on Facebook. Dr. Mahajan discusses various subjects to educate the community on what’s happening in the here and now…Tune in each week!

In depth discussion on the different ways to help prevent certain cancers. For this candid broadcast Dr Ranjan Mahajan is talking with local oncologist Neeharika Makani M.D.. Dr Makani practices with Comprehensive Hematology Oncology right here in Largo and also has an office in Palm Harbor
Discussion on physical Therapy…What is it? How does is work? What are the 5 myths about physical therapy…tune in and find out as Dr Mahajan talks with Jacob Sager DPT from optimal physical therapy.
Listen in as Dr. Mahajan discusses Heart Health with Dr. Rakesh Sharma ( Local Cardiologist) in these times of Covid as well as preventative cardiac care.
Click to hear about the amazing & brave story of Bianca, who donated her kidney to her step mom at Largo Medical Center. Transplant coordinator, Sarah, talks all about the process of being a live donor & how you can help improve the quality of someone’s life!
Dr. Mahajan Talking With Largo Medical CEO Adam Rudd!
Dr. Mahajan Talking With Baycare Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nishant Anand
Ranjan Mahajan M.d. with local Psychologist Dr Robert Arnold discussing depression and anxiety.
Blue Zones…What are they? Listen in as Dr Mahajan, Board Certified Internal Medicine Provider in Largo Florida, Tells you how you can live longer and where are these
Part 1 of 2 part series on Decoding Dementia

Click the link below to view part 2 of Dementia Decoded from a caregiver point of view


In this live stream Dr Mahajan talks candidly with Marty a diabetes patient and his journey
COVID Recovery Story! Listen to this patient tell his story after spending 6 WEEKS in ICU!
Dr. Mahajan Chats With Local Psychiatrist Nihal Shah M.D.
Heart Transplant Demystified With Dr. Mahajan, Dr. Caldeira And Patient Greg.
Learn about making a face mask HERE!
Dr. Mahajan Talks About Antibody Testing For Covid-19
Dr. Mahajan Talks About Tips For Virtual School!