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Mahajan Medical Center prides itself on its state-of-the-art and eco-friendly facility.


· Air Conditioning/Heating

. 16 Seer, High Energy Efficiency Trane Units

. Zone Systems in each Room for better efficiency and patient/client comfort

. Tankless Japanese state-of-the-art water heater system operated by natural gas.

· Insulation

. 4” Isoboards to reduce Heat Penetration under the roof

. R30 Insulation above the ceiling tiles

. Windows and Glass Doors have extra tint and heavy blinds

. Exterior Block Walls injected with Foam Insulation

. Exterior “M” Shield (silver foil) to reflect heat

· Cool Roof

. Unique silver coating roof insulation to reduce heat penetration


Building Materials and Landscape

· Steel Frame

· Only Wood in building is the doors

· Vinyl floor to look like wooden planks

. “Zero Scape” used- Native Florida plants with a drip irrigation system


· LED Interior lights on dimmer switches with occupancy sensor in exam rooms

· High Energy Efficiency Fluorescent lights throughout

· Skylights to let in natural day light


· All materials are recycled

· EMR (Electronic Medical Records) for a ‘paperless’ office

We were the first solo practice in Pinellas County to implement the Paperless System in 2002

Appliances and Devices

· Energy Star Rated