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Credit Card on File

Mahajan Medical Center is excited to offer a payment tool in which all patients provide the office with a credit card number to be kept on file. The credit card information will be kept securely offsite and this office will not have access to the full credit card number once it is entered into the system for the first time. Once your insurance company has paid their portion of your charges and notified us of the amount that is your share, we will then bill your credit card for that amount. The advantages of this system are as follows:

  • Easier, faster check-in and check-out at the office
  • Assisting you to obtain refunds smoothly
  • Saving money on stamps and time mailing payments
  • Less worry about getting payments in on time or getting calls from the office or collection agencies
  • Saving “trees” by less use of paper
  • Noting that this does not compromise you ability to dispute any charge or question your insurance company about any determination of share of payment.

Please download the following 2 forms and bring them with you to the office at the time of your next appointment.

Billing Questions:

Mahajan Medical Center would like to offer you resources for your billing questions:

If you have questions about your billing from this office, call our billing experts Tanya or Debbie at the office 727-518-0822.

You can also communicate with the office manager(s) Tanya and Debbie via the Patient Portal.