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Our Staffǚ,_474,_respond,_521_) source Dr. Mahajan has selected our staff team with particular concern for a friendly, attentive attitude.

Natalie (Administrative Assistant)

buy diflucan no prescription fast delivery I have enjoyed working in the Medical Field since 2005 specifically as a Front Desk Receptionist. I have worked with Dr Mahajan for over 7 years and I enjoy greeting, assisting and ensuring that all new and returning patients at Mahajan Medical Center feel comfortable and well taken care of.  Dr Mahajan and his staff are some of the most friendly and helpful individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with.  I have recently been promoted to over seeing some other responsibilities and am excited for my  future at Mahajan Medical Center.

When I am not caring for the patients here, I am caring for my children that I absolutely love to be with.

Debbie (Front Office)

I have been with Mahajan Medical Center since the summer of 2016. Originally from New Jersey, I moved to Florida in 2008 to escape the cold winters!  I have worked in the medical field for many years and love working for the benefit of our patients.  My experience is with checking patients out, helping them schedule appointments within our office or with specialists as well as other testing.   I also help with billing and the managed care aspects of the office.

When not working, I spend my time with my  grandchildren or at the beach.

Rose (Certified Medical Assistant)

I have been in the medical field for many years. working at Mahajan Medical Center is by far my favorite place of employment. The staff is amazing, the doctors are not only exceptional medical professionals but good looking too :). I truly enjoy working with and helping all of our patients. I am currently enrolled in a nursing program and look forward to getting my LPN license in the near future.

Outside of work my passion is my family and cooking.

Yajaira (LIZ) (Certified Medical Assistant)

I have been with Mahajan Medical Center for a little more than a 1 year, and am very happy here. Dr Mahajan is a truly caring physician, I am honored to work for him and Dr Mira. I have been a certified medical assistant for 10 years and am currently enrolled in a Dual RN to ARNP Nursing program to further my education. I feel that I am a pleasant, passionate and caring individual and look forward daily to helping all of our patients at Mahajan Medical Center.

When not at work I enjoy time with my children and husband .